Wedding Videography  Services

The ‘VIP Wedding Videography Services Package’ is all-inclusive for the hours it takes to capture your special day. We do not have additional fees for a couple of extra hours of filming just because the rehearsal dinner, the ceremony or the reception runs long.

We also offer a Basic or Economy Wedding Videography Service Package.


Need a PA System for your Wedding?

PA System Rentals are expensive and add another item on the to-do list that we can handle for you.

We can include one of our PA Systems as part of any of our Wedding Videography Services Packages.

Want to control your own music? Want to be your own DJ?

Our system has CD, MP3 & Blue Tooth Capabilities.

Starting @ $ 245.

PA-Grey BG - resizedx2.png


Video Booth

Video Booths have become extremely popular.

We can include a decorated Video Booth as part of any of our Wedding Videography Services.

Allow your guests to record private messages to you.

You can record a special message to a family member who was not able to make the ceremony.

Starting @ $ 225.


'Live Streaming'

Have you thought about ‘Live’ Streaming your Wedding Ceremony & Reception?

Do you have family or friends that aren’t able to travel?

A family member or friend who is on military deployment?

Are you limited to how many guests can attend your wedding?

'Live' Streaming is an extremely popular option to consider.

We can secure the ‘Live’ Stream on our Vimeo Channel so only those family and friends who receive the 'Private Link' and 'Password' can view the Ceremony.

Weddings are stressful enough on you and we want to put your mind at ease and not worry about us. As professional photographers and videographers we understand that things happen, and we are prepared for those last-minute changes. We want you to focus on you and your special day and try to keep it stress-free and laid back and let us to do our thing. If you or mom needs a shoulder to cry on, we would be happy and honored to give a shoulder and a hug to help make your day special.

Our approach during filming is to not create fake interactions that take away from the moment. Our philosophy is to capture the natural environment and real moments and have you, be you. We want to capture those special interactions you will have with family, friends and that toast that gets everyone laughing. The first dance, cutting the cake, and all those moments you will cherish a lifetime is what we want to capture for you.

JTR Practical Solutions only uses professional, studio quality, audio, video, and streaming equipment. 

We offer these standard packages and custom packages designed to meet your needs. We will work with you to design the best cinematic videography package to make your dream a reality.


  • Basic Wedding Videography Services                                                                      Starting @ $1,199

Up to two & one-half (2 ½) hours of coverage from the time you specify. This is great for couples who are having an intimate wedding and is geared towards the coverage of the couple’s preparations, guest entrance and the ceremony only. This package also includes the complete post-production editing process for a cinematic video of the entire event which includes a short video featuring highlights of the event.


  • Economy Wedding Videography Services                                                               Starting @ $1,799

The Economy Package is designed to virtually cover the entire wedding day. Pre-ceremony activities, guest arriving, the ceremony and the reception. This package will be for up to eight (8) hours of coverage. This package also includes the complete post-production editing process for a cinematic video of the entire event which includes a short video featuring highlights of the event. (Ceremony & Reception at the same location)


The 'VIP Wedding Videography Services Package' is an all-inclusive package. This is our most popular package.

This is a fully loaded Cinematic Wedding Package and includes the following and so much more.

  • Advanced videography session with the couple. A teaser video can be provided to family and friends. (Two to four weeks in advance)

  • Video of the rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, the bride & groom getting ready before the ceremony, the guests arriving for the ceremony, the wedding party entering, the bride entering, the ceremony and more.

  • We will have the Ceremony Officiant wired with a professional wireless microphone, we will also have a microphone placed near the Bride & Groom that will capture all the audio during the ceremony. Crowd microphones and camera microphones will capture everything else at the venue.

  • Video at the reception will capture the couple entering and being introduced, the cake cutting, first toast, the first dance and so much more.

  • Weather and venue permitting we will capture drone footage showcasing the venue at no additional cost.

  • VIP Weddings Videography Services Package (Original Price $2,899)                                                                                                                                   $ 2,099.

  • Live Streaming Service (Ceremony & Reception – Four (4) Hours)                                          $   400.   A 25% Booking Fee is required at the time of scheduling.                                                           Plus Applicable Sales Tax

Weddings aren’t cheap. We know you have a budget you’re trying to follow. We respect that you have a budget and promise to work with you if you are honest and talk openly with us. We will do everything we can to keep you in that budget. Please understand this is our full-time job and we have professional equipment to maintain and replace occasionally so we can give our clients like you the best quality cinematic videos you expect and deserve.

Contact us today to discuss your plans. Let us help develop a Wedding Videography Service Package that meets your needs. Let us help make your vision a reality.

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