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Today's market and environment demands that small business owners be creative and think outside the box to stay competitive.

JTR Practical Solutions Productions has developed several services to help you grow your brand while conserving that oh so precious dollar. 


Digital Media Campaigns

* Digital Media Campaigns can be extremely expensive using big tech company advertising platforms. Big tech companies audience targeting is not always that accurate. Why pay for those clicks when you can control the target audience?

Our service includes creating a 30 to 90 second digital advertisement that you can then post on your Facebook, Instagram or YouTube Accounts. You can boost the post for as little as $15.00 a day on Facebook to reach new customers in your service area. 

This service includes working with you throughout the process to ensure you are targeting the audience you want.


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Live Video Podcasts

* Live Video Podcasts are the ultimate way to connect with your target audience. These sessions get your brand recognized and you can connect personally with your audience.

Our service allows you to go live and have a phone-in Q&A session. This is a great way to connect.

Set a schedule on a social media platform or from your business contact list to let your audience know when you will be on-line and available for these broadcasts.

We can record and produce each session for you. 


Pre-Recorded Podcasts

* Pre-Recorded Podcasts are also a great way to connect. Posting these Audio or Video Sessions get your brand and message out to your target audience. The sessions can be changed to make targeting more specific. 

Have some unique specials for a limited time? Then broadcast it.

You can also record messages for your employees who are located in other locations throughout the world. Video messages will make it more personal. 

The list of possibilities are endless with Pre-Recorded Podcasts.

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