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Online Team Building Seminars

The pandemic created a unique situation where we could no longer hold our Team Building & Organizational Health Seminars in person based on state restrictions. We completed all but a couple of our scheduled seminars through March of 2020. We want to thank those who worked with us to complete the scheduled summer and early fall seminars using Zoom. We are fortunate to have great clients who see the value of continuing the Team Building Seminars. Zoom meetings are different and sometimes difficult but as other small business were able to do, we adapted.

We are currently offering a 25% discount for any Level II Package we offer to existing and new clients. This is a great opportunity to work on team building and your organizational health.

The Building Blocks of any small business starts with number 1, Building Trust, number 2, Conflict Resolution, and number 4, Problem Solving are so important this year and moving into 2021.

We understand the difficult times so many businesses are going through and want to help by offering a discount to offset some of the cost in strengthening your team.

We look forward to sharing more with you and help you strengthen your business.

JTR Practical Solutions……….

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