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Small Business Advisory & Consulting Services

can make your business more efficient & profitable

What is a small business consultant? A small business consultant provides business owners with advice and planning designed to improve an organization’s performance and efficiency.

Consultants are widely used by business owners who want to increase production and team efficiency. It doesn’t matter whether the organization has a business plan in place yet or not.

Business consultants are coaching team building and organizational skills, assisting with operations management, business development and improving existing business processes—among other services.

The most successful businesses put resources into helping staff become a cohesive team of self-starting leaders.


John Riggs was a Business Manager Advisor to Specific Chiropractic. John assisted me in devising operational guidelines and their successful application. He assisted me in monitoring the day-to-day business operations, so my business is efficient and profitable. John Riggs has also been advising me of the required steps to build a new office space and what is required to complete this construction project.

Mr. Riggs has provided an extremely valuable service to me and my office over the year he was involved, and therefore, I would recommend him for any project or permanent position he seeks.


Dr. Brigitte Bruneau

Specific Chiropractic

Overland Park, Kansas

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