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JTR Practical Solutions is a family owned Advisory & Consulting Firm.

Specializing in Business & Personal Consulting,

Team Building & Organizational Health & Web Design.

Serving Small Businesses in Eastern Iowa


​​John has spent 25+ years in the construction industry as a general contractor, and the past 12 plus years in a building code official role.


John is a Certified Building Official (CBO) and certified in multiple residential & commercial trade specific code disciplines.


Having worked both sides of the construction industry as a contractor and as a building codes inspector has given John an advantage most project managers or consultants never get.


These experiences have given him the knowledge and skills to plan and manage projects of any size efficiently.

In early 2004 John was approached by a close friend who was a small business owner. She was a Chiropractor and her business was dealing with some serious internal issues. She asked John if he was willing to work with her and give her advice on what she needed to do to fix the issues. After agreeing to help out John spent several days going over the daily operations, staffing, invoicing, claims processing and debt to income ratio. After careful review and discussions it was found that a reorganization was needed. Coming from the outside and looking at the situation it was clear that the assigned operations were poorly handled by staff. John was authorized to interview all the staff and do a complete job description and review. Claims processing was random at best and in some cases insurance would not pay due to improper coding and submittals. In the end John was able to reorganize her operations and create clear job descriptions and workloads. Within a few months the income to debt ratio reversed and she became more profitable.


John was then contacted by several other businesses after that project and helped them create clearly defined standard operating procedures. John was also hired to present Team Building seminars to many different businesses.

Senior Consultant,

Project Manager,

Team Building Instructor

John Riggs


Tomma received her Degree in Accounting from Roane State just outside of Knoxville Tennessee.


​Her career began as the Accounts Payable Manager for a major retailer in the automotive industry. Tomma moved on to a management position with a major office retailer and handled the daily financial reports and store operations.

​Throughout her career, Tomma has been involved with bookkeeping, accounts payable and office management.

​Tomma worked for the Architectural Firm of Cope Associates for several years. Tomma can work closely with homeowners who are planning on renovating or remodeling their home.


Her knowledge of architectural plans and construction project phase billing allows her to analyze how a project is progressing and the ability to keep your project on track.


Office Manager,

Project & Process Analyst

Tomma Riggs


Tomma was born and raised in Eastern Tennessee.

​John was born and raised in the Midwest.

​John is a United States Air Force Veteran (USAF)

John is a Private Pilot since 2008.

​John & Tomma moved to Eastern Iowa in 2009.

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If you are tired of mediocre performance, inefficient systems, teams that don’t work together, and spending too much time and effort on day-to-day operations, contact us to set up a meeting today.

Disclaimer: JTR Practical Solutions is not a long term financial or tax advisor. We do not produce financial business plans for commercial loans.

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